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Don’t forget that our next four-week early morning and evening/weekend Bootcamps start next week, w/b 11 June. Book your place by 12.00 on Friday 8 June to drop a dress size in time for your summer holiday!

Bootcamp Workout DVD

Our very first Bootcamp Workout DVD is just about ready! Click here to see the trailer, then register to be kept up-to-date with release information.

Also due for release shortly is our Body Blitzers DVD – see the trailer here.

Warning – Bootcamp can seriously damage your wallet!!

Today, we’re delighted to be able to feature a testimonial from Kate, who’s one of our fabulous regular Bootcampers!

“I enrolled on bootcamp at the end of September 2011 having come back from holiday tipping the scales at well over 10 st and with a very definite muffin top over my jeans – my usual 4 mile runs didn’t seem to be having any effect but after the taster week when I could barely walk down the stairs I had already lost 2lb so I was hooked. The weight loss continued over the next 4 weeks when I abstained from coffee, tried eating wheat and potato free but with the amazing effect of losing a further 7 lb.

After a month off to catch up on sleep (5.30 alarms for the 6.15 morning class!) I re-enrolled for another course – this time I was less strict with my diet but still achieved steady weight loss but my shrinking size was having unforeseen consequences – most of my clothes were now too big – with Christmas looming I had lost more than a stone and my party clothes were hanging off me so I reached into the depths of my wardrobe for my black velvet 50’s cocktail dress which I wore for my 21st birthday some time ago – pre marriage – pre babies, and more than 21 years ago. Reader, it fits!!

I have since had to replace most of my wardrobe to fit my new size but I can wear my black velvet again and again!!”

Here’s the photographic evidence:

Kate looking amazing!

This could be you, too! Sign up for our next taster week in w/b 26 March to try Bootcamp for a week, for free – email us at for more information and to reserve a place.

Are you brave enough for Doomsday?

On Saturday 25 February, to a backdrop of bright sunshine and a clear blue sky, our hard core Bootcampers turned out for another helping of Doomsday, our ultimate 90-minute Bootcamp session. Anyone expecting the workout of their life won’t have been disappointed: with ropes, tyres, powerbags, medicine balls, kettlebells and more at the ready, instructors Alice and Ben kept the challenges coming! This was our third Doomsday Bootcamp – some brave souls have attended all three – and another fantastic event. If you think you have what it takes, our next Doomsday session will run on Saturday 9 June. Book your place now for the workout of YOUR life!

Doomsday Bootcamp 25 February

Working hard and catching some rays at Doomsday

February taster week and Bootcamp

Well, our January Bootcamp is now underway, and we’re already starting to look ahead to our next taster and Bootcamp. The February taster takes place in w/b 20 February, when we’ll be offering early morning, mid-morning and evening/weekend sessions at Hazlemere Recreation Ground, and early morning sessions at Aylesbury. Our next four-week Bootcamp follows straight on from the taster, starting in w/b 27 February, with Bootcamps on offer at the same times and locations as for the taster. For more information about either the taster or the full Bootcamp, or to reserve your place, email us at

The last Buckinghamshire Bootcamp of 2012 – week one results!

Our wonderful Bootcampers have just logged their results for the first week of 2011’s final Buckinghamshire Bootcamp – and as usual, they are amazing. See our results page to find out more!

Jo’s Bootcamp blog … the final instalment!

16 October (Day 28)

So this is it. Bootcamp is over and I have lost 13lbs in weight and 10 inches – 3” from both bust and hips and 4” from waist!

I am amazed! Not just at my results (am sure it could have been a stone if I’d resisted those jelly beans!) but also at how much I have enjoyed the past month. At the beginning of Bootcamp I was really concerned that I would a) hate it, b) not be able to do it, or c) want to give up half way through, but none of that has happened – quite the reverse actually.

So, what’s next you may ask? Well, I’ve just signed for the next month and have set myself a goal of losing a stone and a half by the end of November. Will then buy myself a gorgeous dress for Christmas.

I can really recommend it. If you are looking for a kick start to losing weight and getting fit then I don’t think you can beat Bootcamp. Why don’t you come along and try it for yourself? You can sign up at Go on … do it!!!!

Jo’s Top Tips for Surviving Bootcamp

Over the past month, I have come up with a few ways of getting through the diet.

The first is that I use Green Tea as my crutch – if I have to do anything in the
kitchen and there is likely to be something naughty to pick, I make myself a Green Tea. If I’m giving the kids their dinner, I keep a mug of tea firmly at hand and in the evening, if I’m feeling peckish and I’ve eaten all my allotted food, I’ll have a Green Tea. Lifesaver!

Another tip is that I keep sandwich bags and Tupperware on hand for any leftover food. I worked out quite quickly that waste is an issue for me. Before Bootcamp, I would eat up the leftovers so that I didn’t have to throw them away. Now I put them in a sandwich bag or Tupperware and put them in the fridge to either give to someone later or to throw away the following day – which seems easier!

Other than that… it’s just willpower … and the memory of that HIDEOUS ‘before’ photo that have seen me through.


Jo’s Bootcamp blog … day 27

15 October (Day 27)

Exercise: Zumba; Diet: back on track

Feel guilty about the jelly bean affair … so have made a decision to be super good for the next two days to absolve my sins and get the best results I can! Went in the front row at Zumba and worked hard. Smiling muscles definitely got a good work out!

Went out for lunch with the family and had a jacket potato with the tiniest bit of butter (am taking this absolution seriously!) and then made a gorgeous stir-fry for dinner. Final measurements tomorrow … yikes!

Jo’s Bootcamp blog … day 26

14 October (Day 26)

Exercise: am: Fitness Pilates; pm: Masala Bhangra; Diet: uh-oh … naughty cheats today!

Now that Bootcamp sessions are over, feel I need to find something else to try. Went to Fitness Pilates and gave my muscles an intensive workout! It was tough – and shows how important it is to do a variety of different classes. I might be getting stronger at Bootcamp, but in the world of Fitness Pilates I am a definite beginner! Really enjoyed it though so will be back for more.

In the evening went to the Masala Bhangra and Bollywood themed evening that Alice was hosting in High Wycombe. Masala Bhangra is great fun but is an intensive workout too. Three quarters of the way through the session, I suddenly felt that I might have overdone the exercise and had to head home for a lie down!

At home, the kids had left some uneaten jelly beans in a bowl … it was a weak moment … but before I knew it, I’d had one, then two, then three – and the sugar felt GOOD!

Jo’s Bootcamp blog … day 25

13 October (Day 25 / Bootcamp session #12)

Exercise: Last Bootcamp Session of the month (feel a bit sad); Diet: being very good

So, the final Bootcamp Session of the month has been and gone. Can’t quite believe it is over. That first week (and all the pain) seems like a distant memory and I feel SO much better – not just the fact that my body is fitter and more toned, but also in myself, I feel like I have much more energy, my skin looks better and I just feel healthy. Have really enjoyed my time at Bootcamp and believe me, if I’ve enjoyed it, you will too – so come on, what are you waiting for, there’s a Taster Week next week … why not come along and give it a try?