The last Buckinghamshire Bootcamp of 2012 – week one results!

Our wonderful Bootcampers have just logged their results for the first week of 2011’s final Buckinghamshire Bootcamp – and as usual, they are amazing. See our results page to find out more!

Jo’s Bootcamp blog … day 22 … the Ultimate Brownie Baking Challenge!

10 October (Day 22)

Exercise: 1 Bootcamp Session (v.g.); Diet: a challenge today!

Great Bootcamp session this morning; more of my fellow Bootcampers commented on the positive change to my body – stomach area in particular – so am feeling very pleased! Picked kids up from school and they uttered words that struck fear into my heart – “Mummy, pleeeeeease can you bake some brownies?” Have been promising for weeks and felt that I couldn’t put it off any longer so embarked on my greatest challenge yet … not just the baking of the brownies, but the knowledge that they are in the house… have resisted so far … but can’t promise I’ll last the night!

Jo’s Bootcamp blog … day 21

9 October (Day 21)

Three weeks completed and it’s MEASUREMENT DAY again. Have lost another 4lbs this week making 12lbs in total! Can’t believe it! Have also lost another inch off my waist and bust and amazingly seem to have lost an inch and a half off my hips! Am feeling very proud of myself. Went out for brunch with friends which was a bit of a struggle – their full English breakfasts did look very tasty but I was happy with my fruit salad and of course the obligatory Green Tea!

Jo’s Bootcamp blog … day 18

6 October (Day 18)

Exercise: last Bootcamp session of the week (v.g.); Diet: v.v.g.

Rather a lot of jogging at today’s Bootcamp but amazingly managed to keep up! Running not my strong point! Had Hallelujah moment this morning – my son climbed into bed for a cuddle and said “What’s that mummy?”, with trepidation I said “What?” and he said “It’s hard” while pointing at my ribs!! Woo hoo; I have ribs … that you can feel!! HALLELUJAH! Shall now be spending rather a lot of time lying down admiring my newly found bone structure!

Jo’s Bootcamp blog … day 17

5 October (Day 17)

Exercise: 1 Bootcamp session; Diet: it’s almost starting to feel normal

Great Bootcamp session today – can’t believe I am saying it but I actually ‘kind-of’ enjoy it. Two good things happened when I got home: 1) Next had delivered some jeans that I had ordered. They are called Lift & Shape and “use clever seaming to uplift your bottom instantly” … sounded good to me! Ordered a pair in a size 16 but … they are TOO BIG! Am not sure if it’s the style or my new svelte waistline but they were definitely gaping around the top! And 2) Can now get on my old jeans that haven’t fitted me for quite a while … and they are comfortable … and there isn’t too much waistband overhang! Oh yes… things are certainly looking up!!

Jo’s Bootcamp blog … day 15

3 October (Day 15)

Exercise: 1 Bootcamp session; Diet: hardly any time to eat!

Busy day today. Bootcamp was good and definitely feel like the exercises are getting easier and less painful – except for The Plank – not sure I’ll ever get the hang of that! ! Alice sent an email saying we could have a cheat meal this week – Decided not to cheat too much, but did succumb to a tiny sprinkling of Parmesan on my Ratatouille… it felt naughty, but was very nice!

Jo’s Bootcamp blog … day 14 (results day!)

2 October (Day 14)
It is MEASUREMENT DAY again and this week the good Lord has only taketh away – Hooray!!!
Have lost 3lbs this week making 8lbs in total and the best bit – an inch off my bust and half an inch off my hips …. And TWO inches off my waist!! Have been noticing much less waistband overhang this week and now I know why… TWO INCHES! Yippee!

Jo’s Bootcamp blog … day 13

1 October (Day 13)
Exercise: Zumba class (v.g); Diet: still sticking to it 100%; Cheats: not one single one!
Great Zumba class this morning, made even better by the glorious sunshine! The best thing was that one of the girls in the class who hasn’t been for a few weeks asked me if I had lost weight **big smiley face**! My first real compliment! Yippee!
Family party in the afternoon. We all went swimming. Still don’t think I look great in my costume, but am definitely heading in the right direction. Had to make a Key Lime Pie to take with me. It was tough but I managed to do it … and then managed not to eat any at the party either.
PS – for anyone interested in the Quinoa experiment … I chickened out … but I’ll definitely try it next week!

Jo’s Bootcamp blog .. day 11

29 September (Day 11)

Exercise: 1 Bootcamp session; Diet: back on track today

It is a beautiful sunny day, almost better than any seen in August, but it does mean one thing – it was HOT out there at Bootcamp today. Not sure whether it was the heat, or some overzealous clenching, but about half way through today’ session, I was struck down with bum-cheek cramp … and boy was it painful! Luckily after taking it a little easier and then some good stretches, I seem to have recovered!

Think the sunshine is helping to re-inspire the diet too. So much so that I am ready to try Quinoa for dinner tonight! I shall report back my findings tomorrow…

Jo’s Bootcamp blog … day 10

28 September (Day 10)

Exercise: 1 Bootcamp session; Diet: tough going today but still no cheats!

Alarm went off at 5.30am this morning in preparation for my EARLY MORNING Bootcamp session at 6.15am. It was pitch black as I left the house with the same kind of feeling you get when you leave very early to go on holiday… but instead I was going to be put through my paces once more! Sunrise was beautiful and the morning was so warm that it was the perfect start to the day, albeit a slightly painful start thanks to Alice’s exercises including the Firing Squad … yes, it’s as bad as it sounds!

Diet has been tough today. Not sure whether it’s a mid-month lull or if it’s just one of those days but I had a bit of a “what’s the point” moment, closely followed by a “one chip can’t hurt” moment! Luckily I remembered what the point is, to no longer look like my ‘before’ shots and so decided that one chip just wasn’t worth it… so I made myself a salad and got over it!