Alice’s baby bump blog

OK have decided to keep a log of me as I go through my stages of pregnancy – some of you will see me expanding before your very eyes in class anyway, but some might not and I want to do this really as a log of what happens but also as an exercise for getting back in shape after – as I have my book coming out shortly, I am going to make damn sure I use it and practise what I preach!

So, here’s the first picture of me at just about 16 weeks, I can notice a real difference already to be honest, although someone has said they can’t see a bump (think they are just being kind, thank you Chris :o ) ) and I shall post over the coming weeks.

I thought I was feeling better, sickness has gone, but after a weekend in Cardiff I’m shattered again – just can’t take the pace now obviously!! Wasn’t even a really late night, but did go out Friday night and Saturday night, just too much for me these days.

Still managing to get to the gym twice a week for 2 short workouts, but haven’t been swimming for a couple of weeks due to time – once I get my book out of the way, will be back to it.

My book by the way, is on banishing your baby bump and getting back in shape after giving birth, so I am going to show myself what can be achieved.

:o )