Jo’s Bootcamp blog … the final instalment!

16 October (Day 28)

So this is it. Bootcamp is over and I have lost 13lbs in weight and 10 inches – 3” from both bust and hips and 4” from waist!

I am amazed! Not just at my results (am sure it could have been a stone if I’d resisted those jelly beans!) but also at how much I have enjoyed the past month. At the beginning of Bootcamp I was really concerned that I would a) hate it, b) not be able to do it, or c) want to give up half way through, but none of that has happened – quite the reverse actually.

So, what’s next you may ask? Well, I’ve just signed for the next month and have set myself a goal of losing a stone and a half by the end of November. Will then buy myself a gorgeous dress for Christmas.

I can really recommend it. If you are looking for a kick start to losing weight and getting fit then I don’t think you can beat Bootcamp. Why don’t you come along and try it for yourself? You can sign up at Go on … do it!!!!

Jo’s Top Tips for Surviving Bootcamp

Over the past month, I have come up with a few ways of getting through the diet.

The first is that I use Green Tea as my crutch – if I have to do anything in the
kitchen and there is likely to be something naughty to pick, I make myself a Green Tea. If I’m giving the kids their dinner, I keep a mug of tea firmly at hand and in the evening, if I’m feeling peckish and I’ve eaten all my allotted food, I’ll have a Green Tea. Lifesaver!

Another tip is that I keep sandwich bags and Tupperware on hand for any leftover food. I worked out quite quickly that waste is an issue for me. Before Bootcamp, I would eat up the leftovers so that I didn’t have to throw them away. Now I put them in a sandwich bag or Tupperware and put them in the fridge to either give to someone later or to throw away the following day – which seems easier!

Other than that… it’s just willpower … and the memory of that HIDEOUS ‘before’ photo that have seen me through.


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