Jo’s Bootcamp blog … day 26

14 October (Day 26)

Exercise: am: Fitness Pilates; pm: Masala Bhangra; Diet: uh-oh … naughty cheats today!

Now that Bootcamp sessions are over, feel I need to find something else to try. Went to Fitness Pilates and gave my muscles an intensive workout! It was tough – and shows how important it is to do a variety of different classes. I might be getting stronger at Bootcamp, but in the world of Fitness Pilates I am a definite beginner! Really enjoyed it though so will be back for more.

In the evening went to the Masala Bhangra and Bollywood themed evening that Alice was hosting in High Wycombe. Masala Bhangra is great fun but is an intensive workout too. Three quarters of the way through the session, I suddenly felt that I might have overdone the exercise and had to head home for a lie down!

At home, the kids had left some uneaten jelly beans in a bowl … it was a weak moment … but before I knew it, I’d had one, then two, then three – and the sugar felt GOOD!

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