Jo’s Bootcamp blog … day 6

24 September (Day 6)

Exercise: Zumba class (v.g); Diet: sticking to it 100%

Two things have happened today – 1) I can walk again and 2) I managed to do a Zumba class! Walking feels just so amazing – I can run up and down the stairs and even sit on the loo without any pain … it’s a miracle. Zumba was tough as my thighs are still tired, but I kept up and even went in the front row – woohoo! Went to a ‘Beauty & the Boutique’ party last night. Brilliant concept – a stylist brings a pop-up shop to your house and friends come over to shop for lovely clothes and accessories while the stylist advises you on what suits you. Didn’t buy anything as am waiting until Bootcamp has finished before making any new purchases … who knows… I might need a size 12!! Was very virtuous – drinking water all night and not giving in to any of the VERY tasty snacks. If you need me, I shall be polishing my halo!

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