Jo’s Bootcamp blog … day 4

22 September (Day 4 / Bootcamp session #3)

Exercise: 1 Bootcamp session; Diet: still being super good and still no cheats! (100% virtuous!)

I take it back, the second Bootcamp is not the worst … the third one is DEFINITELY the worst! Poor body doesn’t know what has hit it and I didn’t too very well today. Legs are really tired so struggled with lots of the exercises and spent a great deal of time lying down on my mat pretending! Let’s hope the pain has gone by next week!

On a more positive note, am sure it wasn’t imagined (or maybe it is just wishful thinking) but feel that jeans were looser and there was less of a muffin top! Could it possibly be … after just three and a half days that I am already toning up?! **excited face**

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