Jo’s Bootcamp blog … day 2

20 September (Day 2)

Exercise: might go to Zumba tonight; Diet: followed to the letter (v.g.); Cheats: none (v.v.g)

One word describes today … Ouch! Thighs well and truly stiff and painful! Have so far struggled with stairs, sitting on the loo and bending down to pick up anything from the floor – great excuse for no housework! Have tried to walk through it, but it doesn’t seem to have having any affect, in fact, things seem to be getting worse as arms starting to ache now… what’s it going to be like tomorrow?

Diet has been good, although struggling to drink enough water today. Must try harder tomorrow. Went to bed very early last night because a) was physically shattered and b) had eaten all my allotted food and didn’t want to risk hanging around for longer than necessary!

Back to Bootcamp tomorrow although might try and get to Zumba tonight – mean that quite literally, try and get there … if my legs will carry me!

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