Jo’s Bootcamp blog – day 1 …

19 September:

Exercise: 1 Bootcamp session (v.g.); Diet: followed to the letter, except for starting a day late; Cheats: none (v.v.g)

Oh dear, read my Bootcamp Bible properly last night only to find diet should have started yesterday! Apple crumble and custard was conspicuous by its absence from the list of food we are allowed to eat! Oops! Will be extra good all day today to make up for it.

Survived my first Bootcamp session although thighs are now burning. Can’t believe muscles can get so tired from just squatting and holding the position for 15 seconds! Really good workout and great bunch of people. Was slightly concerned about whether I would be able to do it as was already knackered from just the warm-up – but the time flew by and I’m now even more inspired … let’s wait and see how I feel tomorrow morning and if I can physically move before getting too carried away, but right now am feeling fantastic – No pain no gain as they say! Am also being very good with diet. Rice cakes going down a treat and … Almond Butter … where have you been all my life? Yummy!

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