Jo’s Bootcamp blog … Doomsday!

Doomsday Bootcamp – Pyramid Health & Fitness
Saturday 17 September 2011 / 9.30am until 11.00am
Hazlemere Recreation Ground

Saturday morning and Doomsday has arrived! At 9.30am, 40 anxious individuals find themselves on the recreation ground in Hazlemere waiting to take part in the Ultimate Bootcamp session – an hour and a half of intensive resistance exercises designed to push them to their limits, work their muscles like they haven’t been worked before and test their endurance … can they survive?

Alice Ramcharran and Ben Causer from Pyramid Health & Fitness have spent many hours designing the numerous challenges for Doomsday. Each one of the different elements has been chosen to work the body to the extremes – each muscle group will be tested and there’s always the cardio workout too. On Doomsday, the words “feel the burn” move to a whole new level!

We all meet up and the sun is thankfully shining. Our first trial is rather pleasantly named ‘Speed-dating’. I am lulled into a false sense of security – but only for a second. We split into two rows opposite a partner; Alice blows the whistle and we spend 45 seconds doing fast and furious repetitions of one exercise – first it’s squat thrusts – then one row moves on and we get a new partner and another exercise, but first we have to divulge one random fact about ourselves and only have 10 seconds to think about it! We only do it for 15 minutes but boy are we all warmed up!

Blood well and truly pumping we split into teams and the serious work begins … yikes! Ben is in charge of one group and Alice the other – nothing like the spirit of competition! We have 10 minutes on each section and then move on to the next – power bag lifts and runs, punching, sandbag burpees, skipping, tyre flips, press ups and Russian twists with the medicine ball are just some of the torturous exercises that Alice and Ben have thought up for us.

Just as we all look like we are about to expire, we hear the joyous sound of the final whistle and we all start to cool down and stretch off. Even the weather plays ball, sending a refreshing shower to bring our temperatures down!

We have done it … WE’VE SURVIVED DOOMSDAY!!

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