Jo’s Bootcamp blog – the week before …

“Twas the week before Bootcamp and in Holmer Green, an overweight woman was starting to dream!
Of the body she had in her previous life, before becoming a mother, or even a wife!
She was beginning to worry about what lay in store. Could she handle the fitness? Would her muscles be sore?
Maybe this Bootcamp was too much of a mission… but she knew that she wanted her new body vision!
There was nothing for it but to get up and go… and anyway Alice would not accept “no”!
So here is my story, my plight and my quest; stick with me to hear if I can pass the test… “

Welcome to my Bootcamp blog
So this is it.
Have finally bitten the bullet and have signed up to Bootcamp –! I hope this blog helps all you others out there who might be considering Bootcamp as a way to kick start your fitness regime and provides you with the motivation that you might need in order to sign up.
Come with me on my journey – I’ll be keeping my blog Bridget Jones style! Sadly at her first weigh in, Bridget was only 9st 3lbs and was looking to lose weight – I’ve got a long way to go until I can get to 9st 3lbs, in fact I’m not sure I could ever get there but I’m certainly intending to get closer than I am now!

A little bit about me:
I’m 39 years old. Perhaps it’s the thought of my next milestone birthday that is spurring me on. I have two kids and have been using this as one of my excuses for carrying excess weight. However, now my youngest is about to turn FOUR, I think this might be wearing a bit thin!
Other excuses include: the tumble-drier shrinking my clothes, badly fitting underwear or having to turn to look in the mirror – the last two are used to explain the unsightly underhang from my bra strap which is quickly met by the unsightly overhang from my trousers! What hope is there?
I’m not going to share too much information on actual weights and measurements – the shock of getting on the scales for the first time in years has left me stunned! So I shall use X as the starting point and will work down from there! Maybe if you stick with me until the end, I’ll share the real details! Maybe not …
And my goal… It’s simple really … to look good in my new swimming costume and to be able to wear the clothes that I used to wear before I got married and currently can’t get past my thighs!!
Pre-Bootcamp Preparation
10 September:
In light of impending Bootcamp, felt I should do a quick inventory of body to date and list areas for improvement.
Starting from the top:
1) Upper arm – definitely needs toning – beginnings of Bingo Wings!
2) Bust – could do with a lift (hope it doesn’t shrink too much)
3) Stomach – needs serious work – am currently pinching WELL over an inch
4) Back – this is a real problem area – bra underhang must go!
5) Hips – wide-load!
6) Thighs – need work
7) Bum – needs a lift – currently needs a forklift! Fat bottomed girls might make the world go round, but they don’t look great in a swimming costume!
8) Calves – chunky (Note to self: must shave legs!)
OK – so basically it all needs work! At least my wrists and ankles aren’t bad!

11 September:
Off to Christening and am in full flap mode. What am I going to wear? Everything looks terrible, or is too tight, or has been seen before! Have left it too late as usual, so am going to have to wear something from my wardrobe. Squeeze into dress, which might not be wholly appropriate for church setting! I really must get to Bootcamp!

12 September: (One week to go until Bootcamp)
After Christening outfit disaster, go shopping for something to wear to friend’s 40th birthday party next Saturday. Found lovely dress but sadly had to buy XL! Feel this is because the designer is Spanish and people in Spain are much smaller. Really it is because I am carrying too much extra weight and I need to get my flabby arse down to Bootcamp!

13 September: (Six days to go until Bootcamp)
Am working from home. This is proving to be a disaster as the kitchen is too much of a temptation and there’s loads of treats for the kids’ packed lunches. I need to exercise some self-control! Or actually, I just need to exercise! Have come up with cunning plan: Will put all the sweets and treats in a container and put them in the garage while I’m working! Rather extreme but will it work?

14 September: (Five days to go until Bootcamp)
Husband’s birthday. Am pleased that hubby’s birthday is before Bootcamp as not sure about eating out once following the diet plan. Had good intentions to choose healthy option, but didn’t quite manage it and consumed slightly too much vino! What am I going to be like during Bootcamp? AARRGH!

15 September: (Four days to go until Bootcamp)
Slightly sore head means morning routine doesn’t go quite as smoothly as planned! Also means that the lure of the chocolate biscuits is particularly strong! It’s true what Alice says, it’s not just the empty calories of alcohol that are a problem, it’s the need to eat through your hangover the following day! Taking kids out for tea with their cousins. Frankie & Benny’s… again, not great for the diet!

16 September: (Three days to go until Bootcamp)
Wedding Anniversary – six years ago today we were walking down the aisle and I was a good stone and a half lighter than I am today. Decide to get my wedding dress out and see if I can fit into it … the answer is a definite NO … zip remains at least three inches apart. Right, that’s my mission – I’ll get into my wedding dress by the end of Bootcamp and will post photos to prove it!

17 September: (Two days to go!)
Doomsday Bootcamp! See my separate blog entry to find out how I coped …
Emma’s 40th Birthday party. Not happy with outfit and feel that I look like back-end of bus. This Bootcamp can’t come soon enough. Still doesn’t stop me drinking too much and cutting a dash on the dancefloor!

18 September: (Yikes – Bootcamp starts tomorrow)
Dust off my exercise mat – literally! Find it under bed and covered in at least a centimetre of dust! (Note to self: must up my cleaning skills!) Check exercise kit is clean and ready for tomorrow. Out for lunch with the family. My last ‘non-Bootcamp’ meal for a while so I treat myself to pudding! Will I ever be thin?

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